Enjoy the signature martinis & cocktails at Melange Bistro in Ann Arbor.In one of our past blogs, we had mentioned the extensive options of wine that we offer at Melange Bistro and how each can be paired with meals based on the body and accents of the bottle. Today we are going to touch on a few of the craft cocktails and martini’s that we offer and what types of dishes they would pair well with. Each of these drinks has a unique mix of flavors that makes them a special addition to our Asian cuisine restaurant here in Ann Arbor.

Ginger Lily

The Ginger Lily is one of our signature martinis. We start off with some house-infused ginger vodka, add ginger syrup, some fresh lime juice and some of Barritt’s ginger beer. Shaken with ice we top this drink off with a beautiful candied ginger garnship. This martini pairs with quite a few dishes since it utilizes ginger as a base. Ginger is often used to cleanse a pallet, so it can be paired with most dishes, but would work especially well with flavorful, citrus based dishes.


The Barfly is one of Melange Bistro’s craft cocktails, made with our house-infused fig gin, some campari, cherry heering, a splash of cranberry juice and a nice touch of Angostura bitters. A fun concoction that is sure to hit all of your taste buds. This cocktail provides the perfect amount of sweet with just a pinch of sour. This cocktail would pair well with any type of curries or stir fries, dishes with bolder flavors.

Join us at Melange Bistro in Ann Arbor for our flavorful and unique cuisine! We are sure to make every dining experience with us a great one. Our Asian cuisine provides a twist to the expected dining experience.