Enjoy delicious creme brulle at Melange Bistro in Ann Arbor.If every place you ate had the same menu, there wouldn’t be any reason to try new restaurants. Luckily, every place you eat likely has a different menu, and even similar dishes are made differently. At Melange Bistro in Ann Arbor, we pride ourselves on offering unique and delicious cuisine. This goes beyond our flavorful entrees and our large selection of wines. At Melange Bistro, we take great pride in our delicious and uniquely flavored desserts. While you may have seen them on menus before, you’ve never tasted any of them quite like ours.

One of our desserts is a beautiful creme brulee. For those of you who have yet to try this delightfully creamy dessert, this is a vanilla bean infused cream that is baked to perfection and made into a custard. From there it is sprinkled with sugar, and then burnt to add a nice crisp topping. Fresh fruit is then added, creating a sweet, creamy, dessert.

One of the items on our menu that you’re less likely to find on any other menu is our caramel corn sundae. We have brought the favorite of many and made it into a delicious ice cream dessert. We create this sundae with two scoops of creamy popcorn ice cream and then top it with salted caramel sauce.

When you stop into Melange Bistro you should expect no less than a unique and new dining experience. From our appetizers to our desserts, our menu is sure to be different from any you’ve seen yet.Our menu offers a variety of tasteful combinations for you to continue to experience and enjoy. Make a reservation at Melange Bistro today!