Please contact our Catering Director and Reservation Specialist Laura Wanke at 734-669-3570 to reserve these areas for your party.

Private Dining Room (click here for images)
The Private dining room accommodates up to 40 guests. When the room was designed, we wanted to offer an elegant space reminiscent of a Parisian Living room with floor to ceiling padded suede walls, elegant furniture, its own music system, intimate adjustable lighting to provide a luxurious space to enjoy with your friends, family or business colleagues. The room has full multimedia capabilities to transform it to a room for presentations and meetings for your business in a relaxing and classy atmosphere.

Lounge (click here for image)
The lounge can fit up to 70 guests. This space is ideal for socializing and mingling receptions. You may order from the regular dinner menu, a la carte menu (found on page 4 of the private dining menu), or the catering menu.

Whether you prefer Asian food or if you prefer classic European dishes, Melange has it all. We offer an eclectic mixture of flavors and dishes. We are a European restaurant and a sushi restaurant. Be sure to check out our menu to  find something that appeals to your taste. Contact us to make your reservations today.